Impact Sourcing

Impact Sourcing enables businesses to successfully implement the ethos of conscious capitalism at scale. It is a business model that enables business to simultaneously thrive and create a real impact on individuals, communities and economics. This creates a value-driven business ecosystem that priorities contemporary business values such as Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) and Environment, Sustainability & Governance (ESG).

What Is Impact Sourcing

Impact Sourcing is a business practice where a company prioritizes suppliers that intentionally hire and provide career development opportunities to people who otherwise have limited prospects for formal employment. – (Credit Source: GISC)

Learn how Impact Sourcing works

Benefits of Impact Sourcing

Impact sourcing guarantees business results while benefiting every stakeholder in the process:

  • Cost: Lower cost. Easily scalable. Better efficiency. 
  • Talent: Lower attrition. Higher motivation. Untapped talent pool. 
  • Impact: Direct impact on individuals. Betterment of families and communities. Indirect benefits to the economy. 
  • Quality: Proven results. Standardised processes. Rigorous training.

How to get started

Here’s what you can do to become a part of this global shift towards adopting more equitable and sustainable business practices:

  1. Learn: Learn more about Impact Sourcing, why businesses are turning to it and how you can leverage it to build a better future of work.
  2. Interact: Find out how the Impact Sourcing industry works, its impact, benefits and limitations through workshops and training sessions. 
  3. Implement: Discover how to implement the principles of Impact Sourcing within your organisation through mentorship, guidance and execution support from industry experts and practitioners. 

What we want to do

We envision a large network of global impact sourcing providers working potentially under an industry-wide federation. This can unify the effort, focus and resources of different delivery partners to achieve the following objectives:

  • Create: A shared sales and marketing engine to connect providers with potential clients and generate consistent jobs for impact sourcing workers
  • Strenghten: Intra-industry collaborations and partnerships to improve training and support frameworks
  • Explore: Co-delivery project models wherein different providers can come together to strengthen delivery capabilities

Dhiraj Dolwani, Co-Founder & CEO, B2R

I am passionate about technology-enabled social change, and in 2009, I co-founded B2R (Business-To-Rural,, a for-profit social enterprise, with a belief that social goals and business objectives can be strategically hard-wired together; that inclusive livelihood creation, integrated rural development and business value creation can go hand-in-hand. Since eleven years, B2R is implementing livelihood creation in rural India in an Impact Sourcing – rural BPO model in Uttarakhand (and recently, in Mexico too).

My professional experience over twenty seven years is multi-disciplinary: ranging in Business Process Management, IT-Software program management, and Quality Systems &Process Consulting – with domestic & international exposure in business unit and P&L management, program & engagement management, and project consultancy & training – in manufacturing & service sectors.I am an Industrial Engineer (1991) and a Masters in Engineering (Systems & Information) from BITS Pilani (1993).